Marina Park Residence 99

Marina Park Residence 99 Sales Office

(Marina Park Upper Terrace), Atakoy / Istanbul

Marina Park Residence 99

A project that will take the modern lifestyle of Atakoy to the next level with its wide open spaces, landscape arrangements and squares, commune with the Mega-Yacht Marina and extend along the sea.


Units up to Square Meters


Apart Unit


Meter Tower Height


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Marina Park Residence 99 offers you alternative transportation routes by land, sea and rail system options and provides you with the possibility to arrive at your desired destination in a short time, without being stuck in Istanbul’s traffic, with marinas and sea shuttles.

Winter Gardens
Shopping Center
Bird's Eye View
Atakoy Mega Yatch Marina
Kitchen & Living Rooms

Different Lifestyles

There is a very strong reason to invest in Atakoy.
It is a multi-program urban design approach on the coast of the Sea of Marmara, with natural recreation opportunities, rich transport links and with greenery, not only for Ataköy and its areas, but for Istanbul as a whole.

Enrich Details

Dynamic Spaces
Marina Park Residence offers innovative and vast areas with its flexible and dynamic living spaces.
Sea & Green
The ground landscapes with green exterios in every season transform the blue-green line of the project into a continuity extend along the sky and the sea.
Luxury Apartments
Marina Park Residence consists of 1 + 1 duplexes and penthouses with different units, ranging from 80 to 800 square meters.
Easy Access
The project is at one of the most accessible point not only in terms of Istanbul but also in all of Turkey.
City View
Marina Park residence rises over a 70 meter high 18 storey tower, 99 apartments, on a 4 storey podium.
Mega Yacht Harbor
The new metro connection and Mega Yacht Harbor which provide direct access to the terrain makes the project unique with all the other transport facilities.



Apart Units

Clear Zone (4+1) 500,30 m2
Entrance Hall (1) 17,27 m2
Living Room (3) 93,48 m2
Bedroom (16) 40,58
Kitchen (2) 65,39 m2
Cloakroom (17) 8,87 m2
Clear Zone (4+1) 359,88 m2
Entrance Hall (1) 5,21 m2
Living Room (2) 104,19 m2
Bedroom (15) 30,35 m2
Kitchen (18) 17,92 m2
Cloakroom (8) 4,33 m2
Clear Zone (3+1) 290,67 m2
Entrance Hall (1) 4,27 m2
Living Room (3) 68,81 m2
Bedroom (12) 33,91 m2
Kitchen (2) 17,33 m2
Cloakroom (15) 3,90 m2
Clear Zone (3+1) 297,89 m2
Entrance Hall (1) 10,56 m2
Living Room (3) 78,05 m2
Bedroom (11) 35,95 m2
Kitchen (2) 24,93 m2
Cloakroom (7) 3,51 m2 9,08
Clear Zone (2+1) 206,88 m2
Entrance Hall (1) 9,11 m2
Living Room (3) 58,32 m2
Bedroom (6) 28,18 m2
Kitchen (2) 18,03 m2
Corridor (11) 6,58 m2
Clear Zone (2+1) 209,75 m2
Entrance Hall (1) 11,04 m2
Living Room (3) 59,13 m2
Bedroom (4) 35,36 m2
Kitchen (2) 12,01 m2
Corridor (10) 5,64 m2